Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Voice Your Opinion... on my comics

2019 approaches. On the surface, it appears as if that year I will only be doing two gag comics per week. There will be one for Fred the Mustard Packet and one for Dr. Zombie.

That reduced output will leave me loads of time for planning, dreaming, and scheming. 

In fact, I have already been planning, dreaming, and scheming a little bit. I do suffer from an abundance of ideas. 

So, voice your opinion. Would you like to see an action / adventure comic from me? Do you want to want me to share my vision for sci-fi? Do, you want me to dive into the realm of superheroes? Would you like me to go fully surreal with my comics? Or, do you really like that gag o' week stuff?

Please, let me know in the comments. What does my audience want the most?

Thank you.

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