Saturday, September 9, 2017

That New Game I Designed

The above link takes you to the online shop for my latest game Name That Hue!.

It can be quite a stretch for the creative mind. Give it a look, you might be the kind of genius that this game is perfect for.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Patreon is the Radness

Back in the days of yore, artists had patrons... THOSE DAYS HAVE RETURNED! Huzzah!

If you like my art and lunacy, Patreon is a super way to support it.

I have perks, exclusive cartoons, previews, comics, fonts, and how-to posts available for Patrons and I also have content their that's available for everyone. It's the home of Desert Doods, Professor Planet-Head, Dr. Zombie, and more!

Signing up now means that you can get everything that I've uploaded and posted since day one. That's right, throw down a dollar and download away at all of those sweet goodies I've left for Patrons.

Check it out at the above link.


Thank you,