Saturday, November 2, 2019

Cranimation has started!


Discover your own capabilities as an artist.

So, the idea is simple. Animate a cranberry.

Make it bounce, make it break, make it come to life. Whatever!

Make a new animation for each week in November and give it the following hashtag.


Share it on the social media platform(s) of your choice.

The above link leads to my first shot at animating a cranberry.

Check it out, and let me know how I did.

Let's just say that I have room to grow... like a cranberry.

Animate using the techniques of your choice and share it.


Sunday, October 27, 2019

It's in the Can!

We just wrapped filming on Rick Larsen's short film The Greatest Sandwich Ever Sold.

It was a lot of fun, too much fun, creating a new piece that has a retro flavor.

We looked to the Marx Bros. and Laurel and Hardy to create the overall tone of the film. However, it takes place in the present. It's hilarious just like its visionary director. If you're not aware of Rick Larsen's comedy, seek out his zine Fat Dracula. You won't be sorry.

Now, he's got a film in the can, and it's off to be edited.

I'm excited to see the final product.

Be on the lookout for announcements of when and where we end up releasing this film.

I hope to see you soon at the premier!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Phoenix Zine Fest

Phoenix Zine Fest is happening this coming Sunday Oct. 20th at Unexpected Gallery from 11am to 5pm. That's at 734 W. Polk St.

I'll be there as Dr. Zombie: Monster Family Physician. Other comics creators and zine makers will be there too.

Check it out!

Monday, September 16, 2019


Every week during this November, I'm going to animate a cranberry... doing something. I'll post the results online with the hashtag #Cranimation. Join me. Make some cranimation this November!

Monday, August 19, 2019

I made Business Cards for Fred the Mustard Packet!

I'm looking to promote Fred the Mustard Packet in different ways, and yes, I actually printed and spread around business cards. Do you live in or near Phoenix, AZ? Maybe you'll find one. If you do, take a photo and tweet it to @TommyCannon for a free digital copy of Forty-Eight Flavorful Moments with Fred the Mustard Packet.

Monday, August 5, 2019

I'm Always Planning for Future Projects

A Sketch for a Future Book

I have two sketch books happening right now for future books. I just had a meeting with Shane Carey about expanding a certain superhero universe. Plus, I have a stack of blue line art work for a future issue of My Big Break.

It seems like I'm scatter brained, maybe I am. However, I feel like having several coals in the fire  helps to keep my feet warm. As I plug away at things certain projects tend to float to the top, then they get made. When something gets made I like having something else right behind it. It keeps me mentally limber, and it gives me a ton of IPs to work with.

Having a scattered brain can be an asset. Make it work for you.