Saturday, December 14, 2019

Can we truly see the Rainbow???

According to the Business Insider people of numerous ancient societies couldn't see the color blue, and current members of the Himba tribe cannot see blue because they never gave the color a name.

Check out the article below to get the full details.

With that information in mind, I created a card game called Name That Hue to help people see color.

But, how can you give a color a name if you don't see it?

Force it.

The Egyptians got much of the world to see blue with their dyes.

They forced blue onto the world.

I force numerous colors on people with the game's playing cards.

You look at a card with a hue and you have one minute to name it. Of course, to make it fun, there's another playing card that forces you to add something to the name you create. It can't be too easy.

It's like improv for geeky artists.

If you want to play Name That Hue, click on the link below.

It will lead you to where it is being sold.

This one is perfect for people who are tired of the same old card games and want to try something new.

Name That Hue is a fun way to bring out your inner artist.

See the Rainbow.

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