Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Motion Comic Review: Vision # 1

The motion comic for Vision #1 put together by The Russian Comic Book Geek is pretty solid.
The motion in this piece solely comes from camera movements on the images from the comic book, but the lack of animation is fine, because that allows the viewer to dwell on the artwork of Gabriel Hernandez Walta and the cover art work of Mike Del Mundo. The artwork tells the story perfectly in the right tone of the Vision trying to live a suburban life with a family.

The writing by Tom King is interesting. It's too bad that a super villain had to pop up near the end, because the story of the Vision's family trying to blend in with suburban America is fascinating. However, this is a Marvel story, so a super villain had to pop up eventually. It was surprising though. So, I will give it credit for that.

The moments of dwelling on the words "kind" and "normal" were very interesting, especially hearing them being discussed by robots. It made me think twice about how we use those words in everyday life.

Also the voice acting in this piece is sensational. The narrator did a great job and the Vision family had just the right amount of alienation in their sound and performances.
I will give this piece 5 out of 5 cannonballs for great voice acting, great writing, and great artwork.

Click the frame at the very top of this post to watch the motion comic. Thanks for reading.

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